Turmeric - India's beauty secret


From exotic and tropical India comes turmeric, the “spice of life”, that has intricately laced itself in the traditions of the locals because of its many treasured benefits.

Woodsy and aromatic, turmeric is something that leaves me reminiscing of many warm childhood memories. As a teenager, my mother would concoct a paste of turmeric and rosewater in the kitchen and would apply it on our faces as a beauty mask to turn our once dull complexion into a youthful glow. To this day, this deep yellow ingredient is a staple in my home that I cannot even fathom living without.

Use of turmeric has been dated back over 4,500 years ago. Considered sacred, it is used in many religious rituals to symbolize purity, fertility and auspicious beginnings. Traditionally, turmeric and curd is mixed together to form a paste and then applied to newborns to moisturize and heal the sensitive skin. This ancient ingredient has even been incorporated as part of rituals before wedding ceremonies. Prepared with much care, turmeric is applied to the face and body to spiritually purify the body and soul of the bride and groom. Of course this leaves them with a glowing complexion right before the wedding!

A mandatory spice in every Indian kitchen, turmeric also makes its way as an integral part of any beauty treatment. When applied to the skin, it can help in treating acne, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. Turmeric possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that are imperative to achieve flawless skin. The powerful benefits do not just end there. Turmeric also aids in skin rejuvenation. Regular use of turmeric can soften the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Part of the ginger family, this spice helps stimulate new cell growth and keep elasticity of the skin intact. It also can be used as a skin exfoliator to improve texture and reveal healthy skin.

Not only is turmeric great for your skin but when taken internally it has many great qualities as well. Studies have shown that the use of this spice helps prevent cancer and heart disease. Turmeric helps reduce inflammation and pain of your joints, especially in those with arthritis. In addition, it can be used as a natural detoxifier and it supports the elimination of toxins from the body. For those with digestion issues it can be used to soothe upset stomachs. Turmeric can be helpful for people struggling to lose weight. Furthermore, it improves the immune system.

This wonder product of nature has been treasured for thousands of years and is essential to keeping skin supple and luminous from the inside and out. Turmeric in India is prized for its many benefits, which is the very reason that made me use this exceptional but simple ingredient in our Botanical Cleanser.  It is my honor to bring you the timeless wisdom of India and hope you are able to incorporate and enjoy the “spice of life” in your daily rituals.

All my best,