Summer Weekend Getaway Essentials

Summer Weekend Getaway Essentials

Summer is in full swing and we all know what that means… welcome weekend getaways! Trying to find any excuse to dash out of town in hopes of getting in the most beach time possible. Here are our summer weekend getaway essentials as a packing guide to help you prepare for your summer weekend escapades that lie ahead. Bon Voyage!

1. Sunscreen.

If you take only one item on your travels, let it be this. This is a MUST in my travel bag. It’s your best defense against wrinkles, sun spots and sun damage. The one I am loving now is Juice Beauty SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen. 

2. Sunglasses.

Something that is so easy to forget while packing but is a requisite for any summer getaway. Protect your precious eyes from those UV rays and the delicate skin around your eyes.

3. Purifying Toner.

The Purifying Toner is my best friend. It keeps me cool and refreshed. Spritz it on hourly to revive skin while in flight or after a long day in the sun to hydrate your skin. It is also perfect to use as a setting spray to keep makeup intact while leaving you with skin that is dewy and glowing.

4. Hat.

Bring that stylish straw hat with you! Sun can really dry out your tresses and a hat can protect your hair and veil your face from the harsh rays while channeling the likes of Grace Kelly.

5. Beach Bag.

A good beach bag can help you attain the perfect sun day by keeping all your essentials close at hand.  My favorite one is by Les Toiles Du Soleil. It easily holds all my summer essentials for a day on the beach or for a summer picnic. Plus it folds up easy to pack in my weekend bag.

6. Body Oil.

Use our Body Oil after the beach to soothe skin and hydrate. For evenings, slather some onto your legs to complete that look with your perfect summer dress. Reapply just before you go to bed to allow your body to absorb the maximum moisture overnight. Let the scents of Neroli spiced with a hint of black pepper be a mood changer while you use it as a massage oil to add a little romance to your getaway.

7. Face Oil.

Our favorite getaway essential is our Face Oil. It contains essential vitamins and antioxidants that replenish your skin after a day in the sun helping you maximize your summer glow on and off the beach.

8. Fragrance.

Nothing uplifts my mood like a good fragrance. Bring one of your favorite scents (travel size of course!) to spray on as you slip into your outfit readying yourself for an evening of drinks or dinner to end the perfect day.

9. Water Bottle.

A day in the sun can leave you parched. During the summer, you may need more fluids to keep hydrated. Both stylish and sustainable I take my Soma water bottle with me wherever I go.

Hope this lets you find a reason to plan that weekend getaway!


All my best,