Declare Your Intentions – Start Your New Year Right

For most, the New Year is a time to regroup, set new goals and start anew. Which is why starting the New Year with affirmations can be extremely transformational. A refreshing deviation from the typical New Year resolutions, affirmations are very powerful and a great way to invoke good vibes into the upcoming year.  The usual vows of “This year I’m going to get in shape, this year I’m going to stop eating so many sweets, this year I’m going to go to the gym every day…” may sound optimistic and fill you with resolve, but they focus on what you have NOT fulfilled and only puts the spotlight on the voids in your life. A practice I have incorporated into my life for a few years now, affirmations have helped me to view life with determination. The more I practice the more certain I am of myself.


What are affirmations and why are they beneficial?

Every thought you think every word you speak is an affirmation. An affirmation can be as simple as a positive sentence that provides you with confidence and inspiration. These statements, when expressed, have the ability to rewire our brains and strengthens the desire of a goal we want to manifest into reality by accessing the mind at a deeper level. In addition, affirmations enhances your mood by raising the endorphins in your body (feel-good hormones), help break patterns of negative thoughts and actions. Not only that, but they can be a remarkable resource to help succeed in the areas you wish to succeed.


How do you choose which affirmations to use?

The best way to determine the right affirmations for you is to consider what is going on in your life and the areas you would like to improve. Your intuition will guide you.

Here are some of my favorite affirmations that I use daily:

I am strong and beautiful.

Life loves me!

I am surrounded by love.

Life supports me in every possible way.

I prosper wherever I turn.

My mind and body are in perfect balance.

I am grateful for my healthy body.

I deserve all that is good.

I trust the Universe to help me see the good in everything and in everyone.

I let go of all that no longer serves me.


How do you do it?

Every day take a few moments before you start the day and declare your new list of affirmations either in bed, in front of the mirror or in a quiet space – whatever is comfortable for you. It can be said in your head, out loud or written out on a piece of paper. You can rattle them off in your head on your walk to the subway, car ride to work or when you are stuck in a slow elevator. The more you proclaim them deliberately and repeatedly, the quicker you will see the benefits.

Declare your intentions and make 2018 your year. You may accomplish a lot more than you ever imagined you could, simply by believing in yourself and embracing the qualities you already possess. Wishing you an amazing and wonderful New Year loaded with love, smiles and all that you desire!


All my best,