A slight variance in smell and color is normal for a botanical based, natural product. The constituents of natural ingredients change from season to season and based on each individual harvest. For example, Tulsi may be in bloom at a certain time of the year and may cause a slight change in color comparatively to when using a harvest that was not in bloom. Similarly, aroma of some essential oils may also be affected. However, it is important to note this does not affect the results you receive from the products.

Arya Essentials does not use any artificial fragrances or perfume. The scent of the products is the result of the natural synergy of the ingredients used in the formulation.

Arya Essentials products are composed of extracts of nurturing plants. The sediment forms when certain plant residues settle to the bottom of the bottle. It is natural and absolutely harmless.

Body Oil and Hair Oil are formulated using pure coconut oil. In cold temperatures you will see small pieces of the oil solidify within the bottle. It will return to liquid form once temperature increases.

Most of our products will last for approximately a year from the date they are opened. Please keep in mind to store them in a cool place away from fluctuating temperatures and direct sunlight. Natural ingredients are more prone to be affected by exposure to air and contaminants. These situations are rare and we will be happy to replace any defective products.

All Arya Essentials products and ingredients are evaluated to the highest quality and safety standards and regulations. These mild, safe and gentle product formulations have been relied upon for generations. For any concerns about using any product or ingredient while pregnant or nursing please discuss with your doctor.

Arya Essentials does not and never has tested its products or any of the raw materials used have been tested on animals during any point in the product development or manufacturing process.

While all of our products are 100% natural it is not 100% organic. We try our best to source ingredients from organic suppliers, but certain ingredients are not available certified Organic. This is because it is an extremely expensive and arduous process to become certified Organic. We only purchase ingredients from suppliers that use environmentally friendly practices.

Arya Essentials is firmly opposed to genetic modification of plants and animals. We ensure that our source material is GMO-free.

Arya Essentials is formulated to be free of all synthetic preservatives. All of our products either use natural ingredients with stabilizing properties or natural preservatives that follow EcoCert guidelines. EcoCert is a globally recognized sustainable development accreditation body.

We are pleased to say that all Arya Essentials products are gluten-free.

We would be happy to give you information regarding wholesale accounts. Please email us at info@aryaessentials.com. We will send you a New Account Form that needs to be filled out. When we receive this, we will send you our sales kit.

Yes, our products are made for both men and women.


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