As a child, I would watch with curiosity as my mother would grind sandalwood with a stone and mix it with honey and turmeric to apply on her face as a mask. “This will get rid of scars and help prevent getting wrinkles,” she said with a smile. To keep my hair healthy and long, she would pull fresh hibiscus flowers from the tree in our backyard, heat them in coconut oil and massage the mixture into my scalp and hair. There were no fancy creams involved, just pure all natural remedies.

Woven into my daily life, I discovered that this ancient tradition of holistic medicine intrigued and inspired me. It was my summers in Kerala, India that further grew my appreciation towards nature; the scent of jasmine flowers that wafted through my windows at night, waking up to see the leaves beaded with morning dew, the evening walks alongside the lake lined with coconut trees, the exotic flora that surrounded me. These are my memories.

The natural healing science steeped in tradition, are recipes passed on from generation to generation. Arya Essentials represents my heritage, the purity and goodness of nature and I am honored to be able to share this with you.

It wasn’t until recently it dawned on me what really made me create Arya Essentials. My mother had a great effect on why I created this brand. I was seven years old when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in her early 30’s. In fact, the doctors said she only had a 10% chance to live when she received her diagnosis. However, she somehow managed to fight it. For 13 years. And then I lost her…

During those 13 years she was in and out of the hospital and each time, I would organize some sort of welcoming event with my brother and sister in hopes to cheer her up. We would do at home ‘spa treatments’ and concoct homemade natural beauty remedies she learned from her mother, to make her feel pretty again. She was a beautiful woman but in her mind her confidence and her own sense of beauty was stripped because of the effects of the chemotherapy and radiation. She had lost her hair, her skin became discolored and brittle; she no longer recognized who she was in the mirror. I was determined to restore it. To make her FEEL beautiful again. By doing these beauty rituals together it made her feel rejuvenated and assured. This is when I realized beauty is not superficial. It is feeling feminine, confident and inspired. Little did I realize the seedling to my passion was already planted at such a young age.

Growing up in America, as I flipped through Glamour and Vogue, I strayed away from the turmeric face masks and cleansing with chick pea flour that my mother was so fond of. Ashamed to say it now, I had liked the glitzy packaging and chemical filled serums that came in those bottles. Then in my early 30’s I developed eczema and hives which my Dermatologist had pinpointed as a reaction to the synthetic preservatives in my skincare. This truly scared me. I was not well versed with the ingredient labels, and I was afraid to try anything else. Thus, I turned to what I knew best and found relief with the age old Ayurvedic remedies that I had grew up with. This was my only relief and it healed me. As I read fervently about this ancient holistic science I decided to go to India to inhale as much information as I can from Ayurvedic doctors to cement my knowledge. Something had ignited in me — something that was hidden for so long. My passion.

I left my career of 15 years in finance to follow my passion. Scary as that move had been I was excited to start this new journey. I am part of a movement where I can help educate women about the perils of chemical laden skincare. I also help women feel beautiful using natural ingredients. That is gratifying to me.

Every woman is a symbol of my mother.

And she is beautiful in her own right.

I sincerely believe this. This is why I know that I am destined to do this and it feels right in my heart.